Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hate: a crime against humanity

by Susana Baumann, guest blogger

Like alcohol or gambling, hate is an addiction. Just like a druggie or a drunk, haters are constantly self-involved in a negative emotion that changes their brain at risk of suffering adverse consequences. It also numbs their predisposition to accept and understand differences: why other people behave in different ways, believe in different ideas or simply look different.

Like an addiction, the real kicker of hate is extreme unhappiness with one self. Some people drowns in a bottle, others in constant hate against anything that in their view, prevents them to achieve their own self-involved purpose, namely power, money, happiness or dominance.

However, society accepts it as a “feeling,” a despiteful one but a socially accepted behavior. We even have come to accept that anger is a behavior that needs treatment and management at an individual level but we have not linked it directly with hate, its direct cause.

And when hate becomes a behavior stimulated by leaders and directed against an individual or a population for political, racist or religious reasons, provoking such an angry reaction that people cannot control their own behavior and put their lives at risk, it should be criminalized and prosecuted for what it really is: a crime against humanity.

Susana Baumann is an award-winning writer, multi-cultural expert, and public speaker.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

No one wants to become a single parent, but sometimes there is no choice

Photo Courtesy: Melinda Gonzalez

I've known women who have stayed with their husbands and boyfriends even though they lived in agony of verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  They say there is a fine line between love and hate.

My mother told me at a young age to make my own money, get an education and always have an independent heart.  Love also makes you tolerate relationships that are poisonous.

Today I read a blog "10 Tips to Excel as a Single Parent" by Melinda Gonzalez.  But this is not really a tip sheet, it's actually her story. A story deep to the core of how she became a single parent.

She wrote "Staying with a man who was verbally abusive, emotionally neglectful, financially irresponsible and negative was not the type of life I wanted to give my daughter."

This made me think of all my friends who have faced the decision - should I stay or should I leave? Should I let him go? Should I run away with my children?

Thanks to Melinda for sharing her emotional story and how we should get on with our lives if we as women have to take a similar journey. Please read -  10 Tips to Excel as a Single Parent

Remember the decision and your future is in your hands.

Rebecca Aguilar is a journalist and the founder of Wise Latinas Linked.